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AnalystX Data Viz

The community ...... . .

Current Members:

  • Alistair Bullward - NHS Digital
  • Rozanne Addams - NHS Digital
  • Suki Panesar - NHS England
  • Alex Cheung - NHS England
  • Commissiong Support Unit - Arden and GEM CSU

Principles and aims of the AnalystX Data Viz

  • Promote the use of different data visualisation tools in the NHS by celebrating success and recognising contributions across the community
  • Highlight best practice with regard to software, IT operations, security, and open-source code
  • Open source and publish code to public GitHub repositories under appropriate licences alongside suitable open datasets or synthetic data so that our work can be further developed, re-used, and improved upon by everyone in the community
  • Break down silos of expertise and improve technical communication and collaboration across the NHS, health and social care sectors
  • Champion diversity, inclusion, and representation in tech by making SQL accessible to all members of the community regardless of background or current level of ability

Communities of Practice

We are keen to support new communities in development of existing networks. Please get in touch if you would like support the development of the Data Viz for Health and Care – email for more information.